John McAfee: The Bitcoin Prize will go through the roof

John McAfee believes that there may soon be a trend change in the crypto market and the cops will take the helm. The renowned tech activist and Internet security expert tweeted about the current crypto situation and its outlook on May 21st.

The Ethereum code will go through the roof

In a tweet on Monday, McAfee called on Ethereum code traders to prepare for the next crypto price rally. More about Ethereum code on onlinebetrug. He based his allegations on the upcoming capital inflow from institutional investors. He believes that the capital that will flow into the crypto markets will immensely affect the price of the top ten crypto currencies (measured by market capitalization) and prices will „rise dramatically“.

After being asked to explain his allegations, the controversial crypto proponent urged people to „use their heads“ and „check current news on institutional investors“.

Many believe his statements are utopian as he is already known for his most popular forecast, claiming that Bitcoin will reach a million dollars in 2020. This he bases on the following model that can be viewed at this link.

The traditional Bitcoin profit investors

For several weeks now, the news has been roaring that traditional Bitcoin profit investors are entering the market. Among them are big names like Rockefeller, Soros and others. In addition, Wall Street (NYSE) and countless major banks (Barclays, Goldman Sachs) are preparing to offer a Bitcoin profit service. So far, however, there has been no expected price boom, even after the hyped consensus conference.

I have already mentioned in today’s technical analysis that I believe that some traditional investors are already entering the market through OTC trading so as not to influence the price.

I think that once the respective services of the big banks are available, you can definitely expect a strong price increase, but as in previous years, this happens abruptly and unpredictably.